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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What can you leave on a loved one’s gravesite when visiting?

We allow one flower basket per gravesite. This basket is provided by us in office, but you are allowed to use your own as long as it’s 12” maximum, green, plastic, and with a handle. Everything that you would place on the gravesites (flowers, stones, statues, and flags) has to be inside this basket.

When are the balsam blankets placed?

Balsam blankets start to be placed at the end of November and are continually placed throughout the season. We do not guarantee that they will be placed until a week before Christmas.

How many burials can you have in one plot?

In one full burial lot, you can have one full burial and one cremation burial or two cremation burials. In a cremation lot, you can only have one person’s cremains buried.

What can you do with your vacant plot that will not be used?

You can transfer the certificate title into another person’s name (for a fee). You can do this if you find a buyer for your plot or if you would like to give the plot to someone. Rose Hill also accept lots donated back to Rose Hill.

Does Rose Hill purchase plots back?

Rose Hill cannot purchase lots from any individual, we can only take them as a donation.

Are there spaces available at Rose Hill?

There is plenty of space left at Rose Hill and we currently have lots available. Please contact the office for inquiries about these available plots.

How much notice do we need to set up a burial of cremains?

A week ahead burial would be preferred, but we can schedule a burial with only a 3 day notice.